Theatre Guild

Joining the Theatre Guild is a fantastic way to contribute to the mission of Utah Children's Theatre. 

I love Utah Children’s Theatre!
Great! We love you too. 
What can I do right now to support UCT?
Yes you can! Attending our shows or enrolling your child in classes is awesome. Giving donations and telling other people, social networking and inviting friends really makes an impact.
I want to be more involved, can I? How?
If you want to take it a step further you can join our Theatre Guild. This is a grassroots organization of actors, parents and patrons dedicated to supporting the theatre.
Theatre Guild huh? What do they do?
Currently there are three areas of support. 
Tell me more…
Okay, the Theatre Guild provides a lunch for the actors once every show run. About 8 lunches every year. Second they do service projects about quarterly. This could be making buttons, cleaning or painting. Last, the Guild supports marketing, placing posters, “man-ing” a booth at an event and making connections with potential supports of the theatre. 
Does it cost anything?
No. Well your time and support.
Sounds good, I like it. What if I can’t attend all the meetings and events?
That is understandable. The goal is to build the number of guild members so responsibility doesn’t fall all on a few shoulders. We need more members so it will be easier to help UCT. 
Okay, you’ve got me convinced. How do I join?
Please email
What kind of emails should I expect?
Typically you will receive email reminders about upcoming meetings, sign up for lunches and requests to help in marketing and events.
Oh, and where are the meetings held?
Most are held at the theatre, however sometimes the Guild wants to eat, so occasionally they will meet at a convenient location with good food.

Utah Children’s Theatre Guild Guide 

The Guild is a support structure of volunteers to provide tangible assistance on improving and maintaining the Utah Children’s Theatre. To be as efficient as possible, The Guild’s first focus is on physical support. The second on outreach and public relations which is optional. Below are the basic functions of the Guild and what is expected from Guild Members.


  1. Join the Guild and come to our monthly projects. (cast meals, cleaning, assisting staff, building maintenance). Guild “meetings” are changing to “Guild Projects”. Less talking, more doing!
  2. If your interest is in helping with production (costuming, sets, props, backstage), please ask the volunteer coordinator about opportunities:
  3. Invite your friends to join the Theatre Guild.
  4. Tell everyone you know about the good things that UCT provides to our community.
  5. Enroll your kids in classes, buy tickets, make a monetary donation—any size!



There are numerous opportunities for UCT to improve recognition in the community and raise funds. UCT staff members are constantly weighing those options and recognize the beneficial ideas that come from the Guild. To make sure that your idea is heard and allow the Executive Director to decide whether it can be implemented, please follow these steps (UCT’s operating budgets are tight and staff are often unavailable beyond their current duties, which is where you come in!):

    1. Write down your proposal including your idea and how will it benefit the Theatre, how much time and how many volunteers are needed, cost and plan to raise those funds, and who is needed to implement your idea.
    2. Submit your proposal to the Volunteer Coordinator in an email to where it will be reviewed and forwarded to the Executive Director.
  1. Always attain permission from the Executive Director or Chief Operating Officer before acting as a representative of the Theatre or planning an event.